Re-imagine Your Town

Katie Etheridge and Simon Persighetti have been invited to join the artistic team on Interanima‘s new project, Re-imagine Your Town , piloting in Penryn, Cornwall, in Autumn 2016. Katie and Simon have chosen to focus their re-imaginings on the towns traditional community meeting places, its public houses. This is most pertinent in a period where communities across the UK are losing their social hubs as dozens of pubs close every week, and CAMRA, the campaign for real ale, is switching its focus from supporting the production of beer to campaigning to save the places in which it is imbibed. 

Round the Public Houses: Exploring Penryn’s Social Hubs Past, Present and Future

Etheridge & Persighetti present two events that invite you to think creatively about the landscape of Penryn through focusing on places of social gathering, (hi)story telling, entertainment and exchange. On foot and in the pub, we’ll be mapping Penryn’s lost public houses and identifying future visions of social spaces in 50 years time.

Past / Present (Walking)

Saturday 15th October 14.30-17:00

Meeting at Yellow House, Penryn, and then walking around the locality. Please bring weatherproof clothing, comfortable shoes, and notebook or camera.

Present / Future (Talking) Future Pub

Wednesday 19th October 19:30-21:30

Meeting at Seven Stars, Penryn. Please bring notebook or camera.

You can book for 1 or both events here

Re-imagine Your Town is supported by FEAST, Arts Council England and Cornwall Council.


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