Porous City

Porous ClocktowerPorous City Katie Etheridge & Simon Persighetti

“To wander through a diverse terrain is to feel the surroundings pass through one’s body as the body passes through the surroundings…”  

Robin, C. Moore, Childhood’s Domain (New Hampshire, USA: Croome Helm Ltd, 1986): 57

Porous City is a participatory investigation of the textures, histories, and viewpoints of the places we pass through daily. Etheridge & Persighetti invite residents to experience the unique patina of their town, in a series of public interactions that explore how the places we use everyday can become part of our own mental and physical architecture. Porous City Gallery

Operating as a kind of mobile site-specific tattoo parlour, Etheridge & Persighetti transfer images on to participants skin in the form of temporary tattoos. Hands and bodies become surface or canvas, recording and re-presenting captured images of the city. Aligning themselves with these specific views, and re-photographed in situ by the artists, participant’s bodies became porous to the city in a series of images that blur the edges between street and skin.

Originally piloted on Leeds Bridge for Compass Festival ’11 as ‘Take me to the Bridge’, Porous City has recently been presented in Penryn as part of Penryn Arts Festival ’14.