Personal Shopper: Cornucopia!

11-19 November 2016  I   Kirkgate Market, Leeds  I  Compass Festival 2016

Personal Shopper: Cornucopia! is the final part of a 3 year project exploring and celebrating the rich network of relationships between shoppers, traders and goods in Leeds Kirkgate Market. The project is commissioned by Compass Festival.

Building on their first Personal Shopper intervention in the market in 2014 when they set up stall to investigate places that offer the opposite of the de-personalised unexpected item in bagging area experience of 21st century supermarkets, artists Katie Etheridge and Simon Persighetti returned to Kirkgate last year to research the personal maps shoppers use to navigate the sensory labyrinth of the market and seek out bargains, friends and food.

For Compass Festival 2016, Personal Shopper will manifest as a stall where you can shop for experiences, rather than things, offering a pick-and-mix selection of micro market tours led by shoppers, traders, market enthusiasts and Mis-Guides. Audiences will be invited to see the market through a series of Personal Shopper Tours, offering a kaleidoscope of perspectives, approaches and relationships to the market.

For further information and booking please see Compass Festival 2016

GALLERY: During Compass Festival in 2014, Etheridge & Persighetti invited shoppers, traders and Festival-goers to guide them through the market to photograph their favourite stalls, faces and places. At the Personal Shopper stall, these images and encounters were processed and printed onto reusable personal shopping bags, to be exhibited, gifted, traded and brought back to the market week after week.