Future Pub

Future_Pub_Image_1The Pub Pyramid: People, Place, Beer, Time  Etheridge & Persighetti with Richard Coldwell of CAMRA

FUTURE PUB continues and develops Katie Etheridge & Simon Persighetti’s concern with the fragile ecologies of different kinds of ‘public’ spaces. Following Personal Shoppers focus on markets, people and shopping, FUTURE PUB explores the enduring role of Pubs in the 21st Century.

As the impact of pub closures on the social landscape of both rural and urban communities is beginning to emerge, Etheridge & Persighetti are focusing a spotlight on the relationships between pubs, people, and places. FUTURE PUB will be an entertaining and engaging live show that debates and celebrates the power and potential of community whilst gathering a deeper understanding of what the pub of the future will look like.

In a live performance that includes games, a quiz, archive films, and conversations with the audience, Katie and Simon will celebrate the cultural heritage and social life of villages, towns and cities across the UK through the lens of the Public House.

Currently in development, FUTURE PUB is scheduled to be available for touring from Spring 2021

Partners: Hall for Cornwall, FEAST, Penryn Town Council, Carn to Cove

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