The Tender Room

DSC_0140The Tender Room  Katie Etheridge & Simon Persighetti

Created for Embedded at Enys Gardens, Cornwall, 2014

A Green house is a garden building fronted with glass, serving as a winter residence, for tender plants from the warmer parts of the world…

Bernard M’Mahon, Horticulturalist (1775-1816)

Etheridge & Persighetti reawaken an enclosed pocket of land in Enys Gardens, dwelling in its walls as if it is a room in a dream house with sky for ceiling. A banqueting table made of Sweet Chestnut from the estate, invites visitors to sit, paint, write, eat fruit, and rest a while in this Tender Room.

In a work of 1640, John Parkinson, Royal Botanist to Charles I, described the pineapple as: Scaly like an Artichoke at the first view, but more like to a cone of the Pine tree, which we call a pineapple for the forme… being so sweete in smell… tasting… as if Wine, Rosewater & Sugar were mixed together. (Theatrum Botanicum)

It is likely that Enys was one of the earliest places in Europe to cultivate Pineapple. The idea of the exotic was very much part of the colonial mission in which the capture of land led to the idea of transplanting horticulture as well as culture.