For Penryn Arts Festival 2013, Katie Etheridge invited the whole town to play Faceback. An antidote to online social networking, Faceback plays with ideas of community, face to face contact, and control over our own images.

Between 19th and 26th July in Penryn, Faceback set in train a series of random one-on-one encounters. Participants were invited to:

Join the Faceback community and meet real live people! Your Face is turned into a badge and worn by someone you haven’t met yet. Your mission is to get your Face back!

A Penryn Arts Festival commission, supported by Falmouth University, Faceback popped up in a different location each day including a local food market, pub, music festival in the park, empty shop, and neighbourhood deli.

Originally commissioned by New Work Network for the National Review of Live Art, Glasgow, Faceback has gone viral at events including at the British Film Instititute, University fresher’s weeks in London and Falmouth, and Battersea Arts Centre’s ONE-ON-ONE Festival. For Penryn Arts Festival, Faceback went live across a whole town for the first time.