Solo Works & Projects


2008-present  Faceback has appeared at National Rural Touring Forum, Funky Llama Festival, Fascinate Festival at Falmouth Tall Ships, Penryn Arts Festival, ONE-ON-ONE Festival at Battersea Arts Centre, New Work Network at National Review of Live Art 08, Glasgow, SPNM’s Sonic Illuminations at British Film Instititute, London, Burst Festival at Battersea Arts Centre, London, at University Freshers weeks and even a wedding!

Join the Faceback community and meet real live people! Faceback sets in train a series of random one-on-one encounters over a number of hours or days. An antidote to online social networking, Faceback plays with ideas of community, face to face contact, and control over our own images. Originally commissioned by New Work Network and supported by BAC.

2011 LandSLIP Kestle Barton Rural Centre for Contemporary Art, Cornwall

Tuned for adventure and primed for romance, Katie Etheridge takes you on a journey around slippery literary locations at Frenchman’s Creek in Cornwall. Floating in on a rising tide, Katie unravels Daphne Du Maurier’s novel whilst recalling Frenchmen she has known and loved, seeking moments of quietude, and uncovering a message in a bottle. Commissioned by Kestle Barton.

2010 Signpost Appledore Visual Arts Festival

An uprooted blank signpost of vernacular design is carried for two days and painted with directions in response to conversations with passers by about the towns past, present, and possible futures. Signpost collapses the processes of exploring, writing and performing Place into a single mode that in its enactment is inextricably linked to place, yet can be performed anywhere. Co-commissioned by Beaford Arts and Appledore Arts.

2010 Re: location Nexus, Group Exhibition, Exeter Phoenix

Re: location explores the idea of an ever evolving artist’s network frozen at a particular moment of transition. A country signpost points to some of the key people, places, and stop off points on one artists journey, reflecting on the connections and distances between her established and newly emerging networks in relation to the immediate location of Exeter Phoenix.

2010 Life in Silhouette A la Ronde, Exmouth

A performance walk exploring the extraordinary creative energy and unique legacy of the two women who created National Trust owned A la Ronde, a highly decorated and individual sixteen sided house. Commissioned by the National Trust.

2008-2010 How I became an artist Part 1: From just a twinkle in my father’s eye to
pre-pubescence Inbetween Time Festival, Bristol, David Gales Peachy Coochy Nite, NRLA 09 and Artsadmin, London,  Rules and Regs Network Meeting, Artsadmin, London, Testing Grounds, Permanent Gallery, Brighton

A celebration of nature, nurture, and mucking about. Transposing the language and terminology of experimental art practices onto her own childhood activities as seen through original family slides, Katie takes an irreverent look at the daily work of a performance artist, where play is a serious business.

2008 Field Work Caravan, Brighton Festival Fringe, White Night Festival, Brighton

Participatory walking performance exploring the North Laine area of Brighton, whose street layout still follows the pattern of the medieval fields it is named after. Whilst seeking remains and reminders of the original fields, the audience are diverted by a half remembered stuffed chicken, some back street cider drinking, and a spot of guerrilla gardening… Supported by Caravan.

2007    Shed Lives Coastal Currents, Hastings, Old Clock Shop, Brighton

A living museum of displaced objects re-housed in a garden shed. Visitors exchanged stories with Katie, listened to interviews with local hoarders about their passion for things others have discarded, and handled an array of unwanted objects, contemplating the lives they had passed through. Co-commissioned by Fresh and Coastal Currents.

2006    The Hollow Lady Fresh @ Coastal Currents, Hastings, Sensitive Skin, Nottingham, National Review of Live Art, Glasgow, Fresh @ South Hill Park, Bracknell

An exploration of inner space played out through the intimate spectacle of self-examination. Audiences are invited to look through Katie’s unique ‘window on within’ to find out what lurks in the void between spine and skin. Live video installation performance with soundscape by Armchair Astronaut. Supported by Arts Council England.

2005-2006 A Short History of Silence Fresh @ Southampton Live, Winchester Hat Fair, Fresh @ Big Day Out, South Hill Park, Bracknell, Fresh @ Maltings Festival, Farnham, Rules and Regs, Farnham Maltings

Katie takes the driving seat for an intimate journey through a town’s noisy past and present. A site-specific performance installation that invites audiences to think and talk about silence, in the cosy confines of the back seat of a car disguised as a haystack. Supported by Arts Council England.

2005    I’ve got something to show you/ They called her the Electric Ballerina
Garden of Delights, Manchester, National Review of Live Art, Glasgow

Show-woman/flasher/archivist/human mutoscope, Katie peels back her clothes to reveal an in-built miniature cinema. In this intimate video installation performance, Katie literally draws audience members into the bosom of her cinemarchive. Supported by Arts Council England.

2003-2005    Kitty Deplihez’s Animated Pictures Streetlife, Bracknell, Winchester Hat Fair,  The Old Clock Shop, Brighton, Elevator, Luxembourg, Cinecity, Brighton, 291 Gallery, London

A series of short films informed and inspired by the exuberant experimentation of cinema’s pioneers and early dance on film.

2001-2002    All That Remains Hastings Museum and Art Gallery, National Review of Live Art, Glasgow, Installing Dance, Placing Gesture, Chisenhale Dance Space, University of Brighton Degree Show

A two part installation that set out to explore the desire to collect and hold onto the past by examining the relationship between object and memory through dance, digital video, collected objects and sound. Supported by Arts Council England.