Collaborative Projects


2016 Re-imagine Your Town

Etheridge & Persighetti are invited artists on an Interanima project

2016 342843 DavidBowie: Bowie, Stargazing and Performance Writing

An Etheridge & Persighetti project commissioned by LADA as part of DIY 13. Hosted by Colchester Arts Centre.

2014-2016 Personal Shopper 

An Etheridge & Persighetti project commissioned by Compass Live Art.

2015 University of DIY

Etheridge & Persighetti. Commissioned by LADA as part of DIY 12 and hosted by Contact, Manchester.

2015 In Polsethow shall habitations or marvellous things be seen

Etheridge & Persighetti. Commissioned by Penryn Arts Festival. We created a series of public participatory events on the site of the former Glasney College, to animate, awaken, and map the ‘invisible’ building in the 750th year of it’s founding. We were joined by special guests and experts for 3 days of performance, learning, and celebration, including an outdoor lecture, an archaeological drift, Cornish language readings from the Ordinalia (plays scribed at Glasney), walking and dancing the outlines of the building, and visions of Glasney’s missing stones seen in the field at dusk.

2014 Atmospheric Pressure, Performance vs Weather

Collaboration with Simon Persighetti. Commissioned by LADA as part of DIY 12 and hosted by Folkestone Fringe. We invited artists from all disciplines to find out if it is possible to collaborate with the weather.

2014 Porous Penryn

Collaboration with Simon Persighetti. Investigating the textures, histories and viewpoints of the places we pass through daily, by inviting residents to ‘wear’ their town or city in the form of a temporary tattoo [Porous City 2011-2014].

2014 The Tender Room

Collaboration with Simon Persighetti. Site-specific work for Enys House, as part of Embedded at Penryn Arts Festival 2014.

2012 – 2013 Signs & Wonders Lancashire Witches 400

Collaboration with Simon Persighetti and Phil Smith. Signs & Wonders explores the transformation of objects and ideas, pointing to key locations and evidence associated with the Lancashire Witch Trials of 1612. Along city streets, in the marketplace and down country tracks we distributed strange tokens and wondrous pamphlets, asking the question: How do we invest belief and meaning in the objects and signs we make, use and come across in our daily lives? Commissioned by Live at LICA and Green Close.

2012 Spaces & Waves b-side Festival, Weymouth

Spaces & Waves was a series of public performance walks / mis-guided tours by Crabman, Signpost & Bell (Etheridge, Persighetti, Smith) created in response to the people, places and history of Chapelhay, Weymouth. Commissioned by b-side Festival.

2011 Take Me to the Bridge Compass Festival of Live Art, Leeds

Collaboration with Simon Persighetti and pilot project of Porous City. Etheridge & Persighetti transfer photographs of bridge views and crossings onto their bodies, becoming surface or canvas, recording and re-presenting captured images of the city. Re-photographed in situ, participants bodies become porous to the city in a series of images that blur the edges between street and skin. Commissioned by Compass Live Art.


2009 Human Penny Arcade White Night-Nuit Blanche, Brighton

Collaboration with Badstock Productions and Paul Harrison. Performance installation on Brighton Seafront. ‘Am I too trusting?’ Take Madame Zorga’s personality test for a penetrating insight into your true character.

2008 The Fabulous Walks

Collaboration with Fumiaki Tanaka. Performance walk exploring the mythogeography of one square mile on the edge of Teignmouth, South Devon. Project curator Phil Smith.

2007   Mobile Machinoeki

Four week project mixing exploratory wandering and narrative-based performance. Katie worked with Phil Smith and Anoushka Athique, to create three mis-guided tours, perform a show in tea shops, pubs, and visitor centres based on their wanderings, and finally spend a week on the road meeting other walkers and promoting hyper-aware wandering in Teignbridge, South Devon.

2006-2009    Ragroof Theatre- Shall We Dance? Lakes Alive, Cumbria, Dublin Fringe Festival, The Alnwick Garden, Northumberland, Streets Ahead, Liverpool Capital of Culture, Speigeltent, Brighton Festival Fringe, Coastal Currents, Hastings (’06 and ’07), Capital Age Festival, London, Watch This Space, National Theatre, London (‘06 and ’07), Hoxton Square, London, Streets Ahead, Manchester, Celebrating Age, Brunswick Square, Hove

Katie was a devisor performer with this outdoor touring show designed for bandstands and inspired by local older peoples memories of dancing and courting. Katie and The Old Clock Shop were also commissioned by Ragroof Theatre to create an interpretive installation to accompany the show based around oral histories and objects collected in the research process. Supported by Arts Council England.

2005            Clock Works- A Series of Time Pieces Old Clock Shop, Brighton

Co-curated and co-produced by Katie Etheridge and Dorothy Max Prior. Over 3 weeks, 13 artists from the South East bought round-the-clock installation and performance to the window of The Old Clock Shop. Supported by Arts Council England.