Where is the Heart of the City?


Photo:  Alice Withers courtesy Compass Live Art

“ Excuse me I’m looking for directions..

Actually I am looking for the Heart of Lancaster…. I mean something that you love about this place ..you know, maybe where you feel most at home…

…or perhaps a place that represents something special or wondrous about Lancaster…

..It doesn’t have to be massive like a castle or a church. It could be something that other people might not have noticed .. something that is just a personal connection for you.

..the Heart does not have to be at the centre, it might be off centre…but central to your version of this place..

..Where is the Heart of Lancaster? “

On 14th February 2019, Roving Valentines, Etheridge & Persighetti, go in search of the Heart of Lancaster. Wearing maps of the city and carrying a heart “radar”, they will engage people in conversations about THIS PLACE as they walk to find the city’s heart.

9am till dusk, various locations

THIS PLACE is a project by Lancaster Arts.

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